Hi I'm Morné Beukes, welcome to my digital portfolio. I am a freelance web developer, 3D modeler/animator and artist. I am primarily a front-end developer and though I know my way around back-end development, most of my extra time goes into CSS3 research and all of its accompanying technologies. Apart from websites I design and model 3D assets, be it for a presentation, product visualising or animation. I also do some commissioned art pieces of which most are portrait sketches. I am currently based in Pretoria, South Africa, but will gladly meet over Skype if required.


For websites I believe in creating modern, dynamic and responsive designs to keep with the trend of mobilization. I use clean code and develop in modern HTML5 standards and am a great fan and user of CSS3. This reduces the dependence on large JavaScript plug-ins for styling purposes and can make your site run faster.

When it comes to 3D I am, for now, a generalist, though my area of concentration would be modeling and texturing. I am in touch with artists if you are looking for character or product prototyping, which I can then turn into 3D assets for clients to use in a multitude of ways.

Also feel free to have a look at the type of sketches I sell, perfect for a birthday or Christmas gift.

Check my rates page for specific information pertaining to your individual project.


3D-Modelling & Animation
Art & Design
User Experience / UI